Daily Devotional


How can our lost humanity

Engrossed in our iniquity

Perceive God in Divinity

At such a time as this

When we choose our profane attire

By which the world does us admire

The foolish ways that we aspire

To lose the grace that's His

Assuming He Who made all things

From Whom our very essence springs

Will overlook our worst failings

To give to us His bliss

When scripture tells us loud and clear

The sinfulness that we've done here

Cost Him the Price He paid most Dear

To help us not to miss

The joyfulness that He has planned

Established by His own command

Upon His Law whereon we stand

When we ourselves dismiss

Our self-reliant evil way

For which the Lord of glory paid

When He upon that cross did stay

To take the greatest risk

Because of love that would not fail

That would not stop though sore assailed

Though by the chosen was regaled

For all the signs they missed

That should have cut them to the core

As hanging there them to restore

Was Sacrifice and so much more

That brings us now to this

Will we who once again are here

Embrace His grace or bow in fear

As His return is drawing near

And all of Heaven miss

Deuteronomy 30:19-20; Joshua 24:14-15

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