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Daily Devotional


The devil draws his battle lines upon the shifting sand Upon the thoughts and feelings of the unconverted man While God Who holds creation with precision of a clock Has drawn His Line of Freedom on the never moving Rock

The Rock of our salvation Who is Jesus Christ the Lord Who with His Holy Spirit hold all things in one accord The Father by authority Who sits upon the throne And Jesus through the Holy Ghost Who lives through those His own

Who understand the premise He's established in His Word That by His Law of freedom His desire's not inferred But is most clearly stated for humanity to see The Standard of His righteousness that reigns eternally

In all who are in oneness through the universe beyond The limits of this tiny world that we all live upon Who see us as a theater where evil verses Good Where God through Christ became a man to live the Way we should

With love in perfect faithfulness to our eternal God The Way that Jesus did when He was living on this sod Purveying to humanity exemplary detail Of how to live in victory like Him and never fail

By intimate communion everyday within His Word Attentive to the voice of God that therein can be heard As we by grace lay all aside that draws us to the world So after our communion we can keep His flag unfurled

His flag that is His banner over us that all might see The beauty of salvation as He lives in you and me Through words and loving service that seek not to be alone But to be ever present in the service of the throne

That seeks the needs of others as the Father gives us pause To reach the world with truth in love that is His perfect cause That as the world sees Him in us who are His hands and feet They too will find the victory that does not know defeat

But knows only the atmosphere of Royalty's demand That's written in the Law of God where on we take our stand Reflecting Christ in righteousness that cannot be denied The people who embrace the Law for which our Saviour died

Deuteronomy 33:26-29; Matthew 19:16-21; 25:31-46

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