Daily Devotional


If children are a gift that we've been promised of the Lord

Then why do we allow them to do things they can't afford

That cost them their eternity and place beside God's throne

For which God paid the greatest Price when He gave up His Own

His perfect Son His Partner His Companion before time

With Whom He ruled eternity with love that was sublime

That had no hint of selfishness no partiality

Nor self-indulgent practices we're prone today to see

As children on their ipads their ipods and their iphones

Are captivated by the games and entertainment zones

That program them for service to the one who steals the soul

Of every human being that's not focused on the Goal

That God has placed before us in the body of His Word

From which no loving child of God should ever be detoured

If they in Truth desire to be what He would be in them

A pure and perfect prodigy that looks and loves like Him

That does not have their head bowed down but lifted high above

The subtle dark distractions that the Bible tells us of

Those evils placed before our eyes that draw our souls away

To be among the lost of earth when comes the Judgement Day

For then what will we say to Him Who sits upon the throne

When He asks us to show to Him the ones who were our own

Whom He in love entrusted when as children they could see

Example of what He desired should be in you and me

And what will be our answer then when He asks us to show

Why we should have a place with Him where His redeemed will go

Where all will live in love with God and focused all on Him

The Way He came and lived in love to focus all on them

For now is our probation now is when we must defend

The Truth of God from all who think this world will never end

And live as though tomorrow will be when our Lord returns

To rapture from this fallen world the ones for whom He yearns

And all who failed to focus on the truth for which Christ died

Who failed to have His precious blood upon themselves applied

Will be like their deceiver lost for all eternity

Destroyed when God will cleanse the earth of all iniquity

Matthew 6:19-24; Luke 11:34-35; Psalm 101:2-3; Malachi 4:1-3

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