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Daily Devotional

God's Poetry

How poetic how poetic is the Word of God to me

For at all times in everything His harmony I see

In meter rhyme and substance He reveals to me His will

If I will pause and listen though I'm tempted to fulfill

My own desire in running off ahead to live my way

So often too impatient to observe what He might say

That very well might save me from embarrassment and shame

That places a reflection on His perfect Holy Name

That's not a true reflection of His perfect grace at all

But selfishness inherent in the children from the fall

That must be overcome now while there's just a little time

To understand His scriptures in their meter verse and rhyme

That oft times is not visible for us to clearly see

Without the inspiration of God's perfect Deity

As God alone can comprehend the Ways of God for men

Whose purpose is to mold in us perfection without sin

And when we stop and listen without running off ahead

When we kneel there before Him with our Bible out instead

And seek Him for direction to be like Him perfectly

He draws us into oneness with His Holy Trinity

As Father sends His Spirit Who instructs us of the Son

Of all He's done and doing to redeem us all as one

With Him in will and purpose for the rescue of mankind

To heal the brokenhearted bringing sight back to the blind

And therein by so doing we like Him will grow to be

Reflective of the purpose of this Holy Trinity

That's driven by Their Oneness in Their perfect love for us

With whom They share instruction through Their scriptures as They trust

Us by Their grace reflected in our faith that walks His Way

Impressed to share God's scriptures and His Truth in what they say

That gives to us instruction in just how we need to live

The blessing He has promised when our all to Him we give

Of wisdom love and knowledge that the world has need to see

That those who live to glorify our mighty God will be

As poetry in motion by our words and acts of love

Reflective of the Godhead and Their mighty throne above

Acts 17:23-31; 1 Corinthians 2

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