Daily Devotional

. . . Two Steps Back And so though they had fallen by their senses in the path

That lead to speechless sorrow and the pain of Godly wrath

They still had a Redeemer Who by grace would help them see

By faith there are two more steps that can save humanity

Two steps that are two senses very few have faith to see

That come not by our nature but by God's divinity

Two steps shared in the scripture but perceived by just a few

That yoke us with our Saviour as we do what He would do

The first step is the sixth sense that is found in Godly love

That sees beyond the world we're in to endless realms above

That walks as one with angels through the burdens of our day

Pursuing time with Jesus as we walk that narrow Way

To be by Him enlightened tasting of that heavenly Gift

Indwelt with His Own Spirit as our thoughts to Him we lift

In glorious praise and honor to our great Creator King

Who soon will give us honor in restoring everything

That once was lost in Eden when Eve lost her sight of God

And Adam lost His faith in Him Who held the Law His Rod

To also have compassion to provide another Way

To save the wife He made Him so she would not have to pay

The debt that now we all must pay without a faith in Him

Who showed them through the Sacrifice He'd made a Way for them

That through the Lamb that He would be they two might walk again

In perfect holy purity without the stain of sin

And then the next and last step of recovery from pain

Appointed as a blessing that we might not sin again

When brought back to that oneness only those in Christ can find

When we will have the perfect right to live with Him in kind

Is that sense that has tasted of the perfect Word of God

That flows through us in power in the path that we must trod

That overcomes all evil by the power of God's love

And heals the brokenhearted by His power from above

That's here today for people who lay all else by the way

To leave the path uncluttered that leads to that perfect day

The day of Christ's returning when the dead in Him shall rise

And those who are remaining rise to meet them in the sky

Hebrews 5:12-6:8; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18


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