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Daily Devotional

Adam And His Treasure

Created to perfection from a simple lump of clay

This master-piece called Adam on the sixth creation day

Designed just like his Maker in His own similitude

With wonder and emotion in his grateful attitude

As he was to be master of this world and all therein

By love to name all creatures in this world that had no sin

That lived in perfect harmony that flowed through every kind

As each loved their Creator and the man who had His mind

To hold each with compassion from the turtle to the whale

From lizards to the eagles to the kiwi with no tale

To slimy little earthworms to the lion in the field

From antelopes to elephants and those great trunks they wield

But in all of creation as he looked upon the land

Enthralled with all the beauty that His Maker made and planned

He found one thing was missing that all other creatures had

A similar companion that made each complete and glad

To share the endless bounties of this new earth God had made

That had no need or reason to be fearful or afraid

Just endless days of pleasure living in God's paradise

Prepared for them to multiply as He had been precise

About His plan in Eden for the whole world He'd just made

Where love gave full expression without need to be afraid

As all males had their females and all females had their males

To multiply in number with the pleasure love entails

But Adam had no female no companion of his kind

To share the joys and wonders God had hid for him to find

So God did gently place him in a deep and dreamless sleep

To give to him a Treasure he would always want to keep

A Treasure with such beauty no words ever could describe

To make with him a kingdom here on earth not just a tribe

That would be sole reflective of the Kingdom they could see

If they remained the faithful never tempted by the tree

And should they chance to stumble God's desire would not change

To make them one forever though His blood He would exchange

To bring them restoration to the oneness they once knew

When He would recreate them once again with all things new

Genesis 1:26-31; 2:15-25; Revelation 21:1-7

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