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Daily Devotional

The Artist

The pin with ink the pencil and the brush with all its oils

Are tools used by the artist as he shares through all his toil

The beauty and expression of the things he dreams and sees

From animals to oceans from the flowers to the trees

From people who have nothing to the rich with all their goods

From palaces of wonder to those lowly neighborhoods

Where crime is more than rampant it's the law of lives who choose

To turn from God's salvation His eternity to lose

From high and holy mountains to the deepest darkest sea

The artist seems to capture what explorers only see

Yet as we sit and ponder all the talent of his hands

We see what's past and present but no evidence of plans

He might have for the future of the next work he will do

The next work he might share with us of something he's gone through

By personal experience or something else he's seen

That gives him inspiration for his canvas white and clean

But there's a Master Artist Whose grand work is seen each day

From waking in the morning til the light has gone away

Existing all around us in His nature that we see

That other artists only wish like His work theirs could be

That work of art that's moving ever changing by degrees

Developing in nature and in everything He sees

To illustrate His story from creation to its end

When He will finish what began of evil and our sin

For everything in nature has a purpose from His hand

That illustrates from start to finish what His heart has planned

From cycles in the weather to the seasons on this earth

How He has plans for giving those who love Him a new birth

That will come when awakened by Christ's coming in the clouds

Not hidden in some mystery or wrapped in holy shrouds

But open loud and glorious for every eye to see

The fruit of all the lessons He shared throughout History

That we can see each morning and throughout each passing day

When we allow His Spirit time to share what He will say

Through scripture prayer and nature and the beauty that we see

Displayed with grace and wonder poise and true diversity

Romans 8:16-23; 1 Peter 1:24-25

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