Daily Devotional

The Sailor

A sailor sets his sail to track according to the wind

If at his back that wind becomes a very cherished friend

But if from the direction of the course that he must go

That wind requires that he use the skills that he must know

For often lying leeward of the wind are many trials

Temptations that might wreck us on those storm tossed rocky isles

Awaiting those less seasoned by experience in gales

Who think themselves with talent for the sea that often fails

And if by chance they make it through those moments on the sea

Without incurring damage from that threatened travesty

If they've not learned the sexton or the movement of the sky

They might just drift unending on the sea until they die

And never reach that haven for which they first set their sail

That final destination at the end of that long trail

That wound across the waters leaving not a trace behind

Of all that they experienced that formed within their mind

A level of maturity that's learned upon the sea

Much like the Christian purity that forms in you and me

When we learn through experience the lessons found in life

That come from knowing what to do when faced with blowing strife

That oft changes direction in the path that we must go

From challenges that meet us that we may or may not know

Are destined to effect us in the way of life we choose

Prepared by adversaries in the hope that we might lose

The courage of our Maker Who is Master of life's sea

Who by His grace instills in us His perfect mastery

To know the Way the time the tilt and how to set the sail

To face those stormy times in life to win and never fail

To reach our destination not alone but with the few

Who also learn from where we've been to do the things we do

That lead to our success in life with heaven as our goal

Where we will find that perfect rest and God will make us whole

With no scars from our travels not a scratch that shows our past

Except as seen upon the One Who always was our Mast

Who held our sail as trusted without ever giving way

To get us to that Haven where the saints forever stay

Isaiah 33:21-24; Psalm 107:21-31; Revelation 7:1-3

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