Daily Devotional

Real Christianity

What difference does it make my friend in how you do your hair

And does it mean salvation in the clothing that you wear

And is your soul dependent on the time and what you eat

Are all these things a witness to the people that you meet

That truly make a difference in the way they see your God

To make them want the faith you have or do they see as odd

The way you are peculiar in your legal attitude

That sometimes comes off not so nice and sometimes even rood

For really is it how you wear your outside that is seen

The most important feature that reveals if you are clean

From sin and its defilement based on pride and self-deceit

Or is it what they see in you that touches those you meet

Through words that leave your heart that show you hear the things they say

That seek to bring them comfort as they struggle in the way

Of life that they are traveling as they are searching for

The answers to the questions others just seem to ignore

And is it in your actions that they see what's in your soul

Your willingness to suffer if your pain might make them whole

To go that extra measure that in you they just might see

A glimpse of Him Who gave His all for them on Calvary

That resonates with glory in the good things that you do

Not for some recognition but because Christ lives in you

From all the time you spend with Him in study and in prayer

That speaks of how you love Him as you take Him everywhere

The way Christ took the Father to the people as He shared

Through words and through His actions just how much the Father cares

For all of our humanity from poverty to kings

As Christ showed His compassion for their souls not worldly things

And that as our Example if we choose to be like Him

Not being like the Pharisees or other folks like them

Who think what's on the outside makes them better than the rest

Who don't see their example as the only litmus test

That shows if we are truly what we think and claim to be

One with our God and Father He Who rules eternity

And rules the very motives that our words and acts reveal

To touch the lives of others with the power of love that's real

John 17:1-10; Romans 13:8; 1 John 4:7-11


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