Daily Devotional


Oh how I do so often want to hear the voice of God

Awaken me each morning to the path that I must trod

Preparing me with counsel as I face the enemy

That every waking moment I might walk in victory

How often I desire to have solid confidence

That nothing that I plan to do will cause my Lord offense

But everything is what has been ordained by Him on high

To draw me ever closer to where we will never die

And oh how I just want to know if I should face defeat

In some endeavor I pursue from challenges I meet

That I'm assured forgiveness and God's restoration too

To be His emissary in the work He's yet to do

But really if I stop to think of all that He has done

Of promises He's given and His work through Christ His Son

I have entrusted to me God's assurance in defeat

That by His grace I still can be His light to those I meet

And also that assurance that all things will come out well

If in my heart I cherish love for Him no tongue can tell

And faithfully abide within the precincts of His Law

That is so holy angels bow before in holy awe

And really I need never think I cannot hear His voice

And worry that I might assume in making the wrong choice

If I choose to abandon all I am and hope to be

To Him through my devotion to live out His Way through me

His Way that is most perfect from the rising of the sun

To when my day is finished and my rest in Him's begun

That listens most attentively when others I could choose

To hear Him while I'm waiting knowing I will never lose

His promise of salvation while I'm living one with Him

While I remain His channel to the world and all of them

Who likewise long to know Him and the gift of life He brings

To those who choose to follow Him in love not for the things

That cannot give us happiness or joy that's full and free

That Jesus bought us on that cross way back on Calvary

But only as His emblem of redemption from above

That lives as His reflection to the world of God's own love

Proverbs 23:26; 1 John 1:9; Romans 8:24-39

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