Daily Devotional

Until Grace Walks Away

If as the scriptures tell us man is of not many days

Then doesn't it behoove us to be mindful of our ways

To live in full accordance with the Statutes of God's will

That by His grace through living faith His Spirit might us fill

And does not it behoove us to live daily just like Him

Who laid aside His Kingly robes and mighty diadem

And took the garb of humble man in simple poverty

To give us an Example of His perfect purity

That we might here reflect Him in our character by words

That touch the lives of others turning their hearts heavenwards

To where our Lord ascended where for us He does abide

Once He was resurrected after He was crucified

Not for sins He committed but for those that we did do

Both open sins and hidden that He sees in me and you

That will forever keep us from eternal joyful bliss

Unless they are forgiven in an awesome time like this

While we still have probation while the books are not yet sealed

While there is still a little time in which we may be healed

Of every thing that's hurt us from our near and distant past

That God by grace has promised in the depths of love He'll cast

His love that's like an ocean that consumes what we have done

And hides it far away from us by merits of His Son

Who bled upon mount Calvary upon that cruel cross

That crimson wave to wash away the guilt of those once lost

But who found His amazing grace to be their sure retreat

When they abandoned all they were to bow at Jesus' feet

To meet Him where no sin prevails in focused time in prayer

Absorbing from His Spirit life and love that's waiting there

For those who will be willing to invest the time they have

Enjoying all God's privileges by sharing all not half

Of His eternal blessings with the people that they meet

Revealing most attentively the one thing that they seek

Assurance that they have a hope that though this life be brief

There is a life eternal for the ones who hold belief

In Christ as Life eternal Who is waiting still today

But only for a little time until grace walks away

Job 14:1-15; James 4:13-15; Micah 7:18, 19

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