Daily Devotional

The Treasure

A Treasure like a goldmine is awaiting you my friend

A Treasure like a field of gems and jewels without end

That vibrates with a frequency that thrills your inmost soul

Conducive of the energy from God to make you whole

A Treasure so important so expansive in design

No heart can comprehend it nor no intellect define

Its deep intrinsic value as eternal property

Equated with the Person that reveals divinity

This Treasure wherein dwells the very Spirit of our God

His Presence in expression as His Water Staff and Rod

His Holy Convocation that awaits you everyday

Revealing in its very words the Life the Truth the Way

And yet this awesome Treasure that's survived for all mankind

That's caused the lame to walk again and brought sight to the blind

That lies within the reach of those who claim it as their own

Is doubtlessly the most important thing we leave alone

That should be most important in this time in which we live

For all the light and knowledge that God placed in it to give

Us peace and understanding for the trials we go through

To trust through faith His mercy in the things we watch Him do

That often make us ponder if we're right or if we're wrong

To trust His Holy Spirit when those feelings don't belong

That tempt to doubt and anger for the tragedies we see

That breed contempt influenced by our evil enemy

Who knows if he can keep us from that Treasure where we'll find

God's grace that is awaiting to enlighten darkened minds

He'll have us as his captives who like him will meet demise

When Christ returns in glory and the dead in Christ arise

And he'll know long tempt those who were often in God's Word

Who read with deep devotion as God's Spirit could be heard

The promises and lessons in that goldmine known as Truth

Where all those jewels are scattered that restore in us our youth

That first renews our spirit as we hear those distant drums

Preparing us for battle just before our Saviour comes

When we'll receive new bodies at that mighty trumpet sound

Because we grasped that Treasure while today it could be found

Jeremiah 15:16; Proverbs 25:11; John 4:14; 1 Corinthians 15:50-55

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