Daily Devotional


How do you seek forgiveness for the darkness of your past

How do you take the burden of your sins that must be cast

Upon a loving Saviour Who invites you on your knees

To come and rest a while with Him and set your mind at ease

How do you hold communion with another who has known

The wildness and the folly of the past that you have sown

Whom also bears the scarring of the foolish things you've done

When you were young and selfish in your quest for number one

And how do you imagine life without the weight of guilt

For sins that you've committed and the blood that you have spilt

From Him Who hung upon the cross so many years ago

To purchase you eternal life that only He could know

You may say it's not easy and in this your words are true

If you believe that all that must be done depends on you

For of yourself there's nothing you can do to merit grace

To stand as one as pure as snow before the Father's face

For pureness and forgiveness come from God and God alone

To cleanse us from the guilt of sin and all the pain we've known

As consequence for actions or the words that we have said

From which there is no turning less to self our soul is dead

And made anew a creature born again in Jesus Christ

A clean and perfect creature for which Jesus paid the Price

That of ourselves we could not pay and hope to live again

As without Him we've only once to die the death of sin

But when Christ died He made a way for each of us to choose

To have a full assurance that His promise we won't lose

That all can be forgiven when in faith we come to Him

Who promised to erase the guilt from everyone of them

Who truly long to please Him through the tenor of their lives

To be a real example of a life where Jesus thrives

Where other souls might see Him through the things we say and do

That they might have assurance of their own forgiveness too

As bringing joy to heaven they in turn desire to be

An instrument for Jesus helping other souls to see

The beauty of our Saviour Who for our forgiveness died

To make us one in glory with the saints close by His side

1 John 1:5-9; 2:1-6; John 14:1-3

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