Daily Devotional

Joy in Christ

Why is it we so little seem to find our joy in Christ

Who gave His all upon the cross to pay the greatest Price

That we so undeserving might have life that lasts with His

That God thought so important He did not want us to miss

Why is it when our turn arrives to share our love for God

We focus more on trials here than on the path He trod

To give us life eternal in His Kingdom up above

Where all in adoration praise God's precious Gift of love

Why is it when we're tested by the trials we meet here

We turn our trust to others who likewise have times of fear

For struggles they are going through who also need a guide

To point them to the One true Rock wherein their souls can hide

Why is it when we see someone who shares a deep felt need

We promise them that when we pray we'll try to intercede

That God will share His bounty when He sees they need it most

Instead of sharing what we have been given as their host

For though we may be strangers in this darkened world of sin

Still we have all been given work to save the souls of men

And women even children who have not the gospel heard

Because they've not had Jesus shared through acts of love and words

That show to them expression of the joy we find in Christ

The joy that money cannot buy not sold at any price

The joy that's found within us when we truly walk with Him

Who wants us more than anything to share His love with them

And when we share His glory that is goodness all around

The place whereon we stand becomes a place of hallowed ground

For standing there beside us is the Lord of Whom we speak

Who by His grace reveals through us His message to the weak

That all who are abandoned to His will each day in prayer

Who focus on His scriptures will be sure to find Him there

In ways they have not known before and may not know again

If they prefer to ponder on the ways and will of men

And with His awesome Presence as we spend this time in prayer

We'll find that Joy unspeakable that God has promised there

That will not know containment when there's opportunity

To share salvation through His grace He gives to you and me

1 Peter 1:1-10; Nehemiah 8:10

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