Crushed Beneath His Feet

"My God, My God, why have You forsaken me," Words, which were spoken by His Son. Who took the debt for sin to the cross, so that death would finally be done. While up in heaven, God held back His wrath, even knowing His Son would die. A saddened cry came up from the cross, clouded by a darkened sky. "Into thy hands I commit my Spirit," as He slowly lowered His head. All those in heaven looked to the Father, knowing that His Son was now dead. There were moments of silence, as they all held their breath awaiting another reply. What was this plan that would now save the world and allow Gods Son to die. Then in a moment as time quickly passed, they just looked back in wonder and pain. Down at this cross, now soaked with His blood, they realized that Gods Son had been slain. In the distance of time the sun shined so bright, and it caused them to cover their eyes. Then they heard words coming forth from an empty tomb, “He is risen” oh what a surprise. There came Gods Son, in all of His glory, the very image of His Fathers love. He would now be united with His father in heaven, to set down at His right hand above. Now He reigns as King of Kings, and the plan that is almost complete. The enemies of God will fulfill the rest, as they are crushed beneath His feet. Then He will turn it back over to His Father, fulfilling His heavenly call. As the honor is displayed thru Jesus forever, and His Father becomes all in all. 1Corinthians 15:28


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