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Crossing the Bridge

My son come and seek the face of truth and Love. The one who is the master builder as well as the cornerstone for one and all. The contentment which is still found in serving the LORD of LORD's. The great I am who sits on the throne. Watch out for the tongue which can become unbridled. In me there is the words of life like rise up and take courage so that not all is in vain. So that you do not fall into the danger of chasing idol God's that only vanishes away and becomes deceptive. The lust of greed that comes from being defiled as well as corrupted by the ways of the unrighteous who devise wicked schemes.

Therefore, the bridge to be crossed so that peace still remains afloat throughout the rough tides of life. The clouded mind that becomes freed up forevermore. Your mind that becomes purified in the great adventure. Be transformed and renewed in me as you're source of joy, meekness, compassion, long suffering, and generosity all the more as you walk tall in the land of freedom. the land of freedom whereupon the eagles and hawks soar in the sky. lastly, I give you beauty for ashes,

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