This is my story

That God is filling with grace and glory

That in my flaws and crevices,

He is filling with blood from His veins and wine from His chalices.

That I am an epistle; a special edition of what men call a testimony

What you see is a chapter

Pardon the ink spill, my shoulder's cold chill and my strong will

The black blots, the long shots and my lack of thrill

Cause this is a prologue and my tale right now is far from interesting

But here's the catch - adventures don't capture at beginnings, that's the thing

For my Author is on my case, bound in a masterpiece

So let my blank pages give you a moment of His peace

Who you hear is a paragraph

My beginning was found in the final words of Someone's epitaph

"A loud "It is finished!" He cried as many laughed"

But here am I, a transcript of that tripartite telegraph.

Some of you saw my introduction, many my second line.

Some of you now realising I'll be just fine

Why? Cause I was an enigma and y'all reading between the lines

Seeing some footnotes in my commentary.

And why Jesus is the only diction in my vocabulary.

Whom you perceive is a theme

A portion found in a really grand scheme

A bulletin yet to make the news

A developing lens through which you can get His views

Mixed up and replayed, a sound from above preparing to be relayed

To broadcast on frequencies not from below

I am but a letter in the headline God is about to show.

But before you make your assumption, I remind you

I am a postscript to a Greater One's letter, the signs speak true

Bracketed in orders of divided multiplicity adds to my taking

I am but a line on His novelty, anticipating in history's making

Pointing to His signature, latent in dull words that bring many to an awakening

What you know is a palimpsest, being prepared with and without a clue.

What you read is a letter in a given alphabet

Taken out of a given series that was birthed from beyond a cortex

Musings in antiquity, presenting treasures akin to Epiphany

Coarseness in the diction, telling tales of forging conviction in the making

This is a journey in literary mystery; progress into intellectual imagery.

This appendix is to His credit, for all those who will read it

And those who read it.

This index points to Jesus - my Setup and Climax


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