Capturing The Senses.

Movies. Who doesn't love them. Motion pictures. Daily interactions brought closer and more real. Capturing the senses in all ways. Cutting across all borders. They vary; action, romantic, inspirational, sports. The list is endless.

Being Christian, I desire more of Christian movies. Not just by title but by content. The Kendrick Brothers have done this well. Kudos and blessings to them. What does content mean?

The characters, theme and plot have all to draw the viewer closer to Christ. Our thoughts challenged to be better for more than self. Scripture becoming alive and active as the scriptures speak of itself.

This is what in my opinion Christian movies should be. If there be more like the Kendrick Brothers out there, I praise Jesus for you&pray you be inspired to deliver more stories. For films and movies target our senses. May our senses be targeted for Christ.

God always molds the beautiful of stories.

Grab your popcorn& enjoy quality Christian movies. I know the Kendricks, if you know of others producing quality Christian movies kindly share.

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