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Day by day, I make my way

Inch by inch, I crawl,

Though I have potential Grand

Still my vision's small!

Seeking daily all I need

Causing me to grow,

Whether high up in a tree

Or far down there below!

I would rather be up high

That's where I'll be found,

Watching from beneath a leaf

I'm afraid there on the ground!

I am working toward the place

The place where I'll abide,

Safe and peaceful and at rest

In that place I'll hide!

Then one day, one glorious day

My journey will begin,

The journey from the place of death

Back unto life again!

Beginning with a tiny hole

I'll work hard to be free,

And very soon I will emerge

For all the world to see!

I may be plain and simple

Or a Monarch from the start,

But, one thing' s true, I know

I've had a change of heart!

And the beauty that I have

Though glorious to see,

Is for the joy of those I pass

It does nothing for me!

No longer crawling, inch by inch

Or hiding 'neath a leaf,

The heights that I now soar

Far exceeds my own belief!

And after transformation

Though I fly high and free,

I find out, to my surprise

I'm still the same o'le me!

Once an ugly little worm

Short sighted at the best,

Now a lovely BUTTERFLY

With long range vision blessed!

Flying here and flying there

To do what I'm to do,

I pollinate the flowers,

And make more, beautiful for you!

Peggy Jeanine Woody

4/25/1992. ©

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