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How do I give just a piece of my heart, knowing I owe more, than just a small part. When seeing the beauty of life in each day. I wander through sorrow and move far away. I touch not the joys to my heart that are near . I reach to the thorns that cause nothing but fear. Yet, you love me still... How do I take and it's never enough? Why do I smile even though life is so tough? My hope is in you and all that you bring... Yet my pain is with in, on broken wing. Freedom is grounded in weakness no doubt, Lethargy stronger, with nothing to tout. Yet, you love me still... I long for the day when with you I will be. I want you, I need you, I know this you see... The shadows stretch farther as age deepens root. Slower and slower walk I, placing each foot. Carefully stepping for eyesight grows dim, A fate that awaits is nothing less grim. Yet, you love me still...

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