Breaking Biscuits.

The robin was really rattled

When he climbed the Hawthorn tree

He sat upon a branch above all humanity

He sang with great gusto as he had always done

Yet, this evening was different

He heard another song

A rapid reply

From just around the corner, a tree nearby.

The days, weeks and months passed

I put out biscuit crumbs on the balustrade

One by one they reappeared, fed and sang

Coming down on a frantic frenetic food supply chain

Taking all the food they could back to their brood.

Then the fledglings came down

Hiding in the Buddleia trees making a high pitched sound

Letting there parents know where they could be found

For they were brown and waited for food to be pushed down

They loved the broken wholemeal biscuit.

As I was breaking up the biscuit

They feed from my hand

Showing me there family

Through a hand to mouth existence

In communion

Just as God walked with Adam and Eve

In the evening

Talking, singing, praising

For His ever faithful, providential, feeding hand.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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