There was an incident that

Happened to me

Whether in truth of what this was,

or what I thought it to be!

I was ill with double pneumonia

And in extreme distress

And found myself taken to

Barnes Jewish Hospital the best!

That very night something came about

strange as could be..

I found myself in a single room alone,

with my breath leaving me.

Whether a dream or memory,

This was yet to be known

In this room I heard tinkling bells, and footfalls of others as if they were shown.

As time passed, I seemed to understand

That my heart beat slowed to the point of STOP and stand!

IT Seemed as real as real could be!

But could have been just a lovely dream!

Then suddenly my heart began to beat.


Whether this was a dream or memory,

it was beautiful and serene!

Whether I stay or be dispatched,

The peace was of greatest beauty, matched!

For days I questioned God above.

If this was real, or simply God's sweet love.

A week or so after this came to be.

I found the room I had been in and was pleased!

Real or not, no difference made,

For I found myself in God's sweet shade!

A shade so grand by far. It mattered not

What be or are. The grace I found

myself was God's own Beauty

And this more beautiful,surround!

Peggy Jeanine Woody

Sunday,March 29, 2020


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