Be Mine,

Victory sits upon His throne,

A crown upon His head.

He could not stay entombed below and,

Rose to heav'n instead.

Almighty God Who reigns above

Gave His own life for me.

He remains my intercessor

Listening faithfully to my pleas.

Love is how He lived His life

As here on earth He trod.

Although the world rejected

The very Son of God.

Encourager, You are to me

You applaud me every day.

When I face my daily trials

I yearn for what You say.

Never-ending is His love for me.

It reaches to the deep.

Undeserving here am I

Yet His promises He keeps.

Timeless are His words to me.

They bring me calm and peace.

I hold them close within my heart

And all my strivings cease.

Invincible, this Holy One,

This God of all the world

Protecting me beneath His wings

When hateful darts are hurled.

Name above all names are You

I breathe Your name in prayer.

I know that when I call on You

Your presence meets me there.

Eternal One, the One I love,

My valentine, for sure.

Your love for me will never fail

As long as life endures.

Patricia S. Warren



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