Backstage, I see God working on this blank page

The pause in this life, the transition into a new age

Yet all I find is I wrestling with God in a birdcage

"Can't You please work faster? Kindly pick up the pace."

He looks up from the drawing board and gently smiles at my face

Picks up a leather-bound letter from a dusty old case.

The dust was that ancient; I could tell as He went back to His place.

With a puzzled look, I took His unfamiliar answer

Opened it up and noticed it was quite deep in stanza.

I wanted to go back and ask "What is this?"

But all-knowing as He is, He hollered, "What have you got to miss?"

"You know not, therefore, you ask amiss." His letter started

"You fret and fidget hence there's a lot you miss" His intellectual discourse began to charter

A course through that engine where liquid crimson did course.

And here I was, sharing the light He used on His drawing board to appreciate His silent discourse.

"I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out--plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for."

"Waiting is that necessary constraint, but others' progress make it look like a chore"

"But My best work is performed backstage; My greatest feats in men is behind the scenes"

"Some may trust in chariots and horses, complications and schemes"

"But will you trust in Me and what I say, even if they don't look possible as it seems?"

"Because underneath the seams, I work time's streams, earth's gears to accommodate your hopes and dreams"

"Please don't put Me under your ceiling, it is enough to have your floor"

"I came with My own covers - look up, touch the sky if you can. That shows I will do much more!"

I close that letter and watch the Old Man work backstage

Planning scripts and designs on that wide page

My hopes now flutter under my ribcage

And I smile as I watch Him do what He does best:

Carefully plan my days to ensure that I get good rest.

The intermissions, the drama. Oh, those moments do keep me glued to my seat!

As the Playwright from His director's chair silently directs His masterpiece.

In this I have found solace, in this, I have found peace.

So I watch Him backstage and that sets my mind at ease.


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