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At The End Of Every Sermon There Is A Test

Whether it is a lecture to a divergent, down-faced child, a sermon to an audience of gatherers, or a prophecy delivered to a wayward king, at the end of every talk there is a test. (This is just one of the several articles I want to write about the critical development of feelings, heart, and the inner mind. For several other trailers and lists of my other articles, see here:

Credits: Allec Gomes: Seed; Aaron Burden:

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The voice of God

Where there is no voice of God there is no revelation and without revelation we are like army soldiers who are blindfolded ,like brides on the alter without a groom, like babies in the cold without


I am your beloved, loved so dearly, you store up treasures for me. Each second your thinking about me, In your palm, my name is written, and the prints on your palm and pieced holes are the witnesses



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