• Hugh K Henderson

Another Lamb.

Come the night

Come the stars

As we sit through the still small hours.

Waiting, watching

Looking to the sky

A multitude of angels

Sing and glorify.

Sitting in the fields

Away from the city lights

Our view is much clearer

Of what is to be the new.

A bright light in the darkness

Addresses our madness

In rejection and denial of Jesu.

Lambs bleat

Sheep crowd together for safety and heat.

Can we leave this place

Ignore all these lambs

For another Lamb

Who takes away the sins of the world!

Let us go

In His Name to Bethlehem.

We walk and talk

Where are we going?

What will this look like?

We go, answering our calling

Witnesses to an awakening

Embracing the Light of the world

Shining into our hearts

Turning our world, the cosmos, upside down.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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