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Another boring day at church...

Acts 2:43 (NIV) Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles.

“Filled with awe,” or as my British family might say, they were gobsmacked, utterly astonished and astounded. The old translations use the word, “fear.” A hush spreads through the crowd and no one wants to break the silence. There is a heightened sense of anticipation as people are saved, healed and delivered. Miracles are happening. God is at work and nobody wants to miss it. It is one of those “Be still and know that I am God” moments. God is awesome!

Contrast that with what goes for a “normal” worship service today. There are exceptions, of course, and praise God for them. I have been surprised by grace and ambushed by love right in the middle of a Methodist worship service. But it doesn’t happen often. And I think it might be because I don’t expect it. What if my heart was filled with awe before I walked through the church doors? Instead of using the Sunday service as a time for connecting with friends, what if I concentrated on connecting with God?

Lord, forgive me for not expecting much to happen on Sunday mornings. Forgive me for not anticipating signs and wonders. Thank you for surprising me, ambushing me, with your love and grace. Help me to hush, to stop doing things, to look and listen for the signs and wonders you are performing in my life right now. Your presence, Lord, is awesome, and I am truly gobsmacked! Amen!

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