Anatomy of A Man

Muscles measure a man...

Granting unto the sons of Adam a large frame

God gave his body as an identity; to the other species a sense of relativity.

Safety, security when in close proximity.

But old age will rob of youthful dexterity so muscles don't make up the man obviously

Perhaps Success defines a man...

Fancy cars, classic suits, lots of grand

But rich men fall into depression; Solomon told us that he did all he can

But equating our definition of success to being a man is like building on sinking sand.

When the economy fades, when the parties don't last, when you alone stand

I guarantee you that success will not make that man

Manners surely maketh a man...

Sorry, friend. The Creator never intended to have this as His plan.

Sure handshakes and greetings are cute and all

But man looketh at the outer appearance - the heart's our greatest concern of all.

For God maketh the man

"Before, I had known you; in your momma's womb I had already set thy days at hand."

I am God Almighty; I alone shall stand

Therefore I made you in My image - I make you a man.

But systems and perceptions give way for image distortion and deception.

So I show you the Man: Jesus, God in bodily perfection.

Being a man is not in gusto or macho,

In flex and bravado.

It's in love and that Man showed the crescendo.

The Cross was where He staged it to be

For all men, He died so I could man up to be free.


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