• Mrs. Marie Harker


Abba, thank you for holding me when nobody else will

Abba, thank you for all the voids in my life You step in and fill

Abba, thank you for Christ's finished work at the cross that brought me salvation

Abba, thank you for the peace within knowing I have a righteous foundation

Abba, thank you for loving me and placing seeds of greatness in me

Abba, thank you for allowing me to come into Your presence before I speak to Thee

Abba, thank you for giving me a free will to love You back

Abba, thank you for the opportunity to follow You again and make a comeback

Abba, thank you for healing my wounds when nothing else worked

Abba, thank you for showing up in my life like clockwork

Abba, thank you that a new season has begun

Abba, thank you that I am your daughter, that can never be undone

Poem/Lyrics written by:

Mrs. Marie Harker 5/12/20

Published 5/12/20

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