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A Veil Of Darkness

There is a darkness in every life that reaches deep with in, Though not the darkness that we think, not meaning that it is sin. This shrouded veil surrounds our souls keeping out the life. We talk of love and blessings sure, yet we live in strife. The Temple veil torn top to bottom revealed the Holy place, The place where He alone abode, to so few revealed His face. We say we are His and walk in faith, in truth not really seeing. He wants to tear away our veil revealing His very being. In the presence of my Creator, I tremble, shake in fear, Not the fear of being scared, but humbled for being so near. Oh God my Lord please hear my prayer and tear away that veil, For with out you living in my life my walk is doomed to fail. I pray you open my eyes to see and my ears your voice to hear, I pray you open wide my heart so I can learn to hold you dear. So many things, pray I for daily, but not for my own needs. I pray for others, I may be used, to plant your growing seeds. I wish to please you day by day knowing my future you hold, I want to walk with you more and more, taller and oh so bold. Tear away the veil that blinds and show yourself anew. I want to see more clearly now, I want to walk with you... Jesus.

By: Pernell Rodocker 2014

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