A Mother's Tear




How is it possible others forget,

I cannot grasp, you are gone yet,

it makes no sense, I know you were here,

now, you are gone, I can't help but fear!

Why do I hear, "You must move on".?

Or know everyone ignores you, my son?

They can't know, you were my world,

now this new normal is slowly unfurled!

I'd trade places with you my child,

to bury you is way too wild!

Why can't others see my pain,

or the song, when I hear your name?

People are saying,"You must let go."

This kind of loss may they never know. How a life turns upside down,

and changes all smiles to a frown!

A Mother can not forget her child is gone,

the mention of his name is like a song!

So fear not, though it may cause a tear,

it'll bring a release, to me, clear!

Thank you for thinking enough of me,

to mention my child, it sets me free.

They can't remind me and hurt me again,

your death has happened, I can not win

Thank you, though drama unfold,

to let me share with you is so bold.

Most will not waste, time of their day,

to love a Mom, when her grief is in play!

Peggy Jeanine Woody



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