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A Farewell That Means Going Home: Eulogy To JI Packer & The Heroes Gone Before Us

Forgive me if I seem to have the heart of a child and not one of stone

But it is a sobering fact to see that all your heroes have gone home

And wittingly yet satisfactorily they hand you the baton

With a smile on their face despite your very sad song

"Can you not stay a little longer? I promise to value the time"

"Don't leave me alone, I don't know if I would make along the line."

But then we both hear the witnesses cheer

Slowly I turn back my gaze and you are no longer there

Forgive me if I seem to have the heart of a child and not one of stone

My heroes are going to glory

And here am I, with their legacy, all alone.

But they leave me with their lessons from the Book bound in leather

I will treasure the lessons; they will make us run fast and light as a feather.

Blessed is he who sleeps in the God he knew; his labour lives and looks on after us.

You lived trusting my Jesus. Now rest in the arms of the One you trust.

Forgive me if I seem too ecclesiastical, that I can't seem to move along

The Master has changed the tune and soon it seems I will take part in leading the song.

It shakes me. It moves me. It excites and invites all the more.

But I look at the baton from my heroes and wonder if I will match up at all.

But I see the gaze of the Maestro Manager and I know that I will not fall

For my faith in Him cannot fail if He sustains it; my generation is in need of my story.

As Jesus lives, He ensures. That I will please Him.

And You believe Him also


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