Safe in the arms of Jesus

Cradled, there I want to be

Were time, space and gravity, longevity

Is part of one big eternity.

Safe in the arms of Jesus

Comforted by Christ alone

Other gods long gone, no other chaperon

I am in a Christ comfort zone.

Safe in the arms of Jesus

Incredulous and Incomparable

Heaven sent is my repentence

Gods grace in my acceptance.

Safe in the arms of Jesus

Two millennium gone, yet coming soon

It may be morning, evening or noon

Ever ready for His arrival, undeniable, incredible.

Safe in the arms of Jesus

Nothing, no one, can hurt me now

From a world absent of sacred vows

A world devoid of spiritual wows.

Safe in the arms of Jesus

Step across a room

Dive deep into the doom

Arise, to arms spread worldwide, just for you.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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