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“Jesus knew that the hour had come for Him to leave this world and go to the Father. Having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end.” John 13:1

His hour had come for glory

Salvation to secure

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled”

Was His consoling word

Although He was without sin

A sacrifice He’d be

Condemned to crucifixion

Upon that dreaded tree

Faltering up the craggy hill

Outside the city wall

With a heaviness of heart

His own cross He did haul

They hung a mocking placard

That read, “King of the Jews”

A crafted sign above Him

For passersby to view

His garments were divided

And lots cast for His cloak

As was their wretched custom

No passion was evoked

The divine mission finished

His Spirit He did yield

His hour had come for glory

For us redemption sealed!

Carol Grandell Scott

Meet Carol Grandell Scott

Carol understands the definition of commitment, having started her life journey with her husband Howdy over 40 years ago.

Understanding that God is a creative God, they decided to share their life journey with their two children, Bess and Jeff. Their days are now brightened and blessed by their four beautiful, energetic granddaughters.

Carol developed a passion for music in her early childhood which later opened the creativity needed for poetry and expression of the ‘Word’ and various life topics.

Being the loving and caring woman that she is, she ventured in teaching and sharing that musical knowledge with children as a teacher in several Christian schools for more than two decades.

Now, Carol teaches music privately in her home studio to advanced and beginners that share her love for music. Howdy, being a creative man himself, enjoys the art of photography, carpentry, home renovations and music.

Their blended talents inspire everyone around them through poems, photography and music. Another important part of their life is playing and singing on a worship team at Trinity Community Church in Hockessin, DE.

They have also completed two inspirational poetry/photography books together which the Lord is using to bless many. Carol’s poetry has been used in Christian services including Christmas, Memorial and Bible studies. They pray these books will create a hunger to know the Lord and His Word.

This poem and other beautifully written literary by Carol also appears over at


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