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Mary Harwell Sayler

Mary Harwell
Sayler, Founder

Mary, a lifelong believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible, church, family, prayer, and poetry, I've written about each of those topics in over 2,500 articles, children's stories, devotionals, poems, and 30 traditionally or indie published books.

Admin/Leader Shira Garnett

Shira Garnett, Admin/Leader

An Encourager, Inspirational Speaker, Certified Christian Counselor, Entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in the Nonprofit sector. Shira also, specializes in Mediation and Conflict Resolution for the State of Maryland. 

Nellie Wasilewski

Nellie Wasilewski, Moderator

Nellie, Writer/Author and Christian who loves the Lord and the Bible.

" An unkind heart is the refuge for a spiteful nature."---Nells Wasilewski 

Plain Jane in every way. Simple and she hopes kind and loving. The best shoulder in the house to cry on if you are bothered. She is who she is because of the people who love her. Connect with Nellie

Wendy MacDonald

Wendy MacDonald, Moderator

Wendy, a writer, poet, and nature lover. I also enjoy expressing myself through photography.  


Creation has a lot to say…

Her prose and poems are a small sampling of nature’s words.


She's a Christian that loves reading the Bible… so you’ll find a few Scripture verses woven into her blog.  Connect with Wendy

Ed Rose

Ed Rose,

Ed has been a sailor, salesman, teacher, and preacher. After retiring and moving to Florida, Ed started writing the Lamp Post, a daily devotional with the goal of staying connected with family and friends.

To his continual surprise, The Lamp Post has gained readers from all over the world.

Connect with Ed

Ashley Ormon

Ashley Ormon,

Ashley Ormon serves on the executive editorial board at Proverbs & Wisdom. Since founding the charity-based organization in 2011, Ormon has reported on neglected and critical issues.



She interviewed leaders at Manhattan-based, nonprofit charity: water on delivering clean, drinking water to thousands; author of Legacy Living, Gloria Burgess, on the importance of having servant-leadership; and HeeSun Lee, a music artist whose focus is on breaking stereotypes and negative trends within the music industry.


Connect with Ashley

Tammy Lovell Stone

Tammy Lovell Stone,

Tammy, a homeschool mom, pastor's wife, teacher and worship leader depicts daily life with a biblical perspective and a Southern flair. Tammy and her husband live in a rural antebellum home outside of Nashville, TN.

They have an adult daughter, two tween sons, and two grandsons. 


Connect with Tammy

Dusty Rayburn

Dusty Rayburn,

Dusty, a husband, and father, a son and brother, a neighbor and friend - imperfect. Even so, God has affected him, and he would like to share His grace with others.

Connect with Dusty

Michael Wells

Michael Wells,

Michael, Writer and Poet Saved By Grace - Held By Faith

Connect with Michael

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