America Awakened (A Simple but Hope-Filled Dedication to Frank Buchman)

A country gripped A country shaken The children count their blessings America awakened Oh What joy could be? Flaming Apostles in the streets Spreading a passion for their King Breathe in deep America on her knees A nation ablaze A people Renovated The parents confess their sins America Rejuvenated Oh What joy could be? A pardoning so sweet Celebrating moral release Shake off your sleep America on her knees

Daily Devotional

Just Once I said that once that only once I'd do it just one time Until by twice and after thrice I do it all the time That thing I said I'd never do that I so much abhorred Now seems to be the very thing by me that's most adored And so it goes from this to that until all strength is gone And what was once a life of good seems all together wrong As in my heart temptation bears a stronger way in me Than principles of righteousness and living decently For there's a war where battles rage to form my destiny Between the Lord Who loves us most and our great enemy These battles of temptation that seem innocent at first That subtly persuade us to become our very worst Until if peradventure that sat

Writing to Make Faith Attractive

It showed up as a comment on a blog post, and it stopped me in my tracks. “Whatever your plan is...I do hope you continue this series of books. May God direct your thoughts and plans with His plan. I loaned the books to a friend of mine to read, and her comment was after reading the first one (Dancing Priest), ‘If I wasn't already a Christian, this book would make me want to be one.’ That is a powerful testimony. Keep writing. There is power in the written word when it directed by God.” A comment like that leaves you surprised, almost shocked, humble, and then almost fearful. You ask yourself, “What is it I’m doing here?” I’ve been known to answer that question about the novels I’ve written

Winter Girls 2 (So Long Ana)

She winces Blinded by starlight Chipping the polish from her nails Timing the gaps between car lights With one foul step she could leave this place Of scarred up arms and thinning face The Pressures build A spinning race Lone summer nights Long high school days Only if they knew The strange shapes in her view She might let them read the manuscripts She writes with trembling wit When the sun comes down To cover her like a funeral gown Where should she go with all of her shame? Exhausted and defanged The rats she can't slay or taim Set up shop inside her brain Hour after hour Manipulative rodents say "Throw it all away" A winter girl With frigid ways No dinner after 6pm No sugar on her plate S

Can Fiction Predict the Future?

The comment came in a tweet: “Finished my reread of A Light Shining last night. I found the section ‘The Violence’ to be remarkably prescient.” The section has to do with a relatively short-lived religious and civil upheaval in Britain – short-lived but turning the country upside down. Even when I reread the section, I see the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, in London in 2017, in Brussels, in Orlando, in San Bernardino, and other places. Except that section of the novel was written in 2005. My wife says there are some things in my novels that give her the creeps, as if I knew what was coming. I didn’t. I just wrote the story that was in my head. It’s all fiction. In 2012, I outlined the

The Second Annual "SoCal Writers' Conference"

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Daily Devotional

Preparation How great a preparation must be made in these last days From which we are distracted in so many many ways For he who knows the future and what soon to him will come Knows best how to distract us and from where to draw us from For if he can entice us with the trappings of this world And all the other vices that upon us he has hurled Then we've no time for Jesus and the study of His Word Wherein we find our safety where His Spirit can be heard And if he can distract us even with the best of things With doing good for others and the pleasure that it brings Then doing good for others is what he'll press us to do If that will keep us busy and obstruct our vision too The vision from th


Be Mine, Victory sits upon His throne, A crown upon His head. He could not stay entombed below and, Rose to heav'n instead. Almighty God Who reigns above Gave His own life for me. He remains my intercessor Listening faithfully to my pleas. Love is how He lived His life As here on earth He trod. Although the world rejected The very Son of God. Encourager, You are to me You applaud me every day. When I face my daily trials I yearn for what You say. Never-ending is His love for me. It reaches to the deep. Undeserving here am I Yet His promises He keeps. Timeless are His words to me. They bring me calm and peace. I hold them close within my heart And all my strivings cease. Invincible, this Holy


It is a sense of belonging somewhere else, to a different place and a different time. Being completely aware of our present surroundings yet yearning for another and though we have never been there we are drawn there. It is an anticipation for a destination sight unseen but one of confidant acceptance. How can we as Christians have such a desire to leave all that we know, all we have seen and all we have accomplished to journey on a path unknown, to a place not visited and guided by a longing that's unexplained? It is because the Spirit that dwells within us is from there, knows all that is there and not only that but longs to return there. In John 17:25 Jesus speaks to the Father that His d

Daily Devotional

Closing A billion little starlets decorate the deep blue sky With billions upon billions further out from where they lie The broad expanse of heaven stretching out eternally Inviting yet restrictive of our lost humanity But those who choose to follow to believe what God has said Who daily have been faithful to the scriptures they have read Whose greatest joy is found in knowing Christ their Lord and King Will know far more of this as well as other wondrous things For soon the perfect answers to the questions we have asked Will clearly be presented as we undertake the task Of studying the Bible with God's Spirit by our side The One in Whom our Saviour told us we must let inside As time is qui

Every Writer Needs a Plan, Right?

The inspiration for my three novels, Dancing Priest , A Light Shining, and Dancing King, was a song. The story was gradually written in my head, and only there, for four years. When I began to pound the keyboard, it poured out – gushed, actually – for almost 250,000 words. Eventually, I shaped the equivalent of two novels from that original manuscript and had enough to write the third. But the story arc for the series was set by 2006. Along the way, the outlines, drafts, and ideas developed for five more novels using the same characters, ranging from a 4,000-word treatment to a 70,000-word manuscript. Somewhere in there two entirely different novel ideas popped up, one becoming a 60,000-word

Daily Devotional

Forgiveness How do you seek forgiveness for the darkness of your past How do you take the burden of your sins that must be cast Upon a loving Saviour Who invites you on your knees To come and rest a while with Him and set your mind at ease How do you hold communion with another who has known The wildness and the folly of the past that you have sown Whom also bears the scarring of the foolish things you've done When you were young and selfish in your quest for number one And how do you imagine life without the weight of guilt For sins that you've committed and the blood that you have spilt From Him Who hung upon the cross so many years ago To purchase you eternal life that only He could know

Writing: What I Learned from a Gargoyle

I was attending a two-day writers’ conference. I didn’t know a soul. I hadn’t heard of any of the speakers, the writers, the agents or the editors attending. I hadn’t heard of the books by attending authors for sale on the display tables. I had nothing to make small talk about. High anxiety time for an introvert like me. I’d signed up for an editor’s critique of my work in progress, the prologue of what became my first novel Dancing Priest. I’d also signed up for a pitch session with an agent and a group reading-and-critique session. The editor was encouraging, perhaps even more than encouraging. She wanted to know what happened to the characters. She liked the story. She was positive. The a

Storms of Life

Oh, waves which roll up on the shore, Oh, winds of constant blowing; The sound of nature in my ear Reminds me You're all knowing. Oh, God in heaven where you dwell I know that you still reign. Your glory found in all that's Yours On earth, both sea and plain. Waters 'round us here are measured, Held firm within Your hand. And when I pause to picture this It's hard to understand. As storms of life or'take me Then I can ask for peace. As You say to them "Be still" So too, my strivings cease. The waters still beneath Your feet You walk on them with ease. Beckoning me to walk with You And it's You I want to please. I thank you God, for all You've done, The storms You've brought me through. May I


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