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Subtlety In What We See So subtle yet so blatant is the enemy's assault As anything and everything he uses to our fault Through twisting truth perverted to deceive the souls of men To making what is right seem wrong to draw us into sin As if we had no reason to perceive the trap he's set We follow his temptations to receive what we might get Assuming in our wisdom we know where to draw the line While almost imperceptibly we're in a slow decline As there before our eyes portrayed are things we would not do Those things to which he beckons us and slowly draws us to If we by our permissiveness allow our eyes to see The depth of sin portrayed for us with its iniquity On TV and in movies in the c

Finding the Emotion in Our Stories

An email arrives from the other side of the world. “I finished reading Dancing King this afternoon. Well done, Glynn, I feel it’s the most powerful of the trilogy; I misted up too many times to count.” This third novel of mine is simultaneously the least and most emotional of the three I’ve written. It includes no scenes that are overtly tear jerkers. But it includes scenes that make me forget I was the one who wrote them. When I was a child, my mother took me to the movies she wanted to see. My father was not a fan of film; he liked stage theater and even acted in community theater plays. But he didn’t care for movies. My mother did; as a young teenager, she had been shaped by movies like

Daily Devotional

One With Me You tell Me that you love Me that My purpose is your goal To walk that path to heaven where My grace will save your soul To live with Me in glory where the saints forever stand As righteous there before Me just the way that I have planned But do you really know Me do you really understand The purpose of My Sacrifice and all that I have planned From when I first conceived of you before this world I made To when I saw you on the cross where for your sins I paid And do you comprehend the depth of what I've planned for you The detail of each thing you see that I would have you do That's spelled out in My scriptures in the principles you see That speak to you of how to live to be the

The Curious Responses to Faith-Based Writing (Including My Own)

I’ve published three novels, all faith-based, and I’ve had an unusual experience with all three – readers are roughly divided 50-50 between Christians and non-Christians. Equally interesting is the gender divide. I expected more women than men to read the novels simply because women tend to read more faith-based fiction than men do. And yet my readers seem split 50-50 here, too. The element of the novels that all readers seem to respond and react to is the role that faith plays. It’s a significant role, especially in the first and third novels (the three form a trilogy). In Dancing Priest, the first novel, faith forms the central tension between the hero and the heroine – he has it, and she

Five star reviews!

Gaining five star reviews, and in what is being called a "brilliant read" by reviewers, '40 Days with the Fathers' is your guide to some of the greatest texts outside of the Bible! See what others are saying and get your copy today! UK: http://fortydays.co.uk/amazonUK USA: http://fortydays.co.uk/amazonUS "I would like to thank Luke for bringing such important historical and spiritual works into the 21st century." "This book is an important work, compiling formidable historic documents from some of the most profound church leaders. Though some of the information is not new content, the compilation truly represents an immense and solid foundation that our entire Christian faith is built on." "

2018 Delaware Seashore Poets and Prose Writers' Retreat

Where: Cottage at Indian River Marina 39415 Inlet Road Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 When: November 1-4, 2016 Contact: Roxanne Stanulis, Program Officer Programs and Services (302) 577-8283 Every two years, the Delaware Division of the Arts organizes and hosts a mini Writers Retreat. Lodging, food, and workshops by writing professionals are included. The application process is competitive, and participants are chosen based on the merit of their writing submissions. Work samples are juried in an anonymous review process. For more information: https://arts.delaware.gov/writers-retreat/ #WritersRetreat #Poets #Writers

Daily Devotional

The Reason The depth of our anxiety the focus of our need Is promised in the scriptures that by grace it won't exceed What we in our capacity by grace can understand When faithfully we follow as our Lord has made command For many are the trials and temptations that we face To doubt the mighty love of God that comes through holy grace But all can have a purpose for our good if we employ The love for Him Who made us to dwell in His holy joy That joy that does not falter though at times it's sorely tried For which our Saviour offered all of heaven when He died To bring us an assurance that one day our pain would end When He will wipe away our past of loss and reckless sin For He Who holds tomor

A Brief Outline for Advancing God's Kingdom in the Recovery Circles

Psalm 96:2-3 Sing to the Lord, bless his name; tell of his salvation from day to day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples! Step Twelve Having had a spiritual experience-through grace-as we try to carry this message to others and practice these principles in all our affairs 1. Start by caring (Matthew 9:35-38) Until we learn to care about the spread of God's glorious Kingdom, we will never work for reformation in the Recovery circles. God's Cause is the greatest Cause we can devote our time to, period! The Kingdom is foremost in the mind of God, so why should it be second place in our thinking? When we become consumed with the glory of God, we'll liv

Revival: The Wonderful Gift of God's Grace

Revival: The Wonderful Gift of God’s Grace Psalm 80:19 Revive us, O Lord God of hosts! Let your face shine, that we may be saved! 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” “What, then, is the essential to Recovery and Revival? Surely a whole-hearted desire to be right with God, to stand before Him in an adjusted relationship[1]”. Defining Revival Revival is an all too often misunderstood subject. To understand what Revival IS, we need to briefly consider what it IS NOT. A. Revival is not an evangelistic campaign When many p

Daily Devotional

What Samuel Saw A young and gentle servant born to be a man of God To bear the message of the cross wherever he may trod The cross that lay before him everyday as he would pray Within the temple of the Lord where he would choose to stay Communing with his Saviour Who would be the Lamb of God To die the greatest Sacrifice to walk upon this sod As on the altar of the earth His blood would flow for them Who chose to lay aside their all to be as one with Him And once upon that altar He would die for all our sin Upon His resurrection a new work would there begin When once He gave commission to the ones He left behind His Spirit would indwell them to impart the Saviour's mind For when He rose to h

Daily Devotional

Would You If everything you've ever done were scene upon a screen Each word that you did ever speak each thing that you have seen Would you might choose a different course of life in which to live A life consisting less of take and so much more of give Would you be more observant of what God would have you see Be much more like the Saviour as the Lord would have you be Encouraging the faithful in their walk to be like Christ Abandoning all worldliness to be a sacrifice A sacrifice that's living everyday to be like Him Through even voice inflections that effect the hearts of them Maintaining your composure even when it's hard to do So they might see reflection of the Saviour deep in you And w

What I Learn from Readers (Part 3): Required Reading

I was learning a lot from the readers of my novel Dancing Priest. Some had read it as the kind of story they’d like to be part of, being used by God in the ways the novel described Michael Kent, the main character, and even some of the minor characters. A pastor had discovered what he called the best explanation of lifestyle evangelism he’d come across. And then there was the reader who worked for a big, well-known software firm on the West Coast. I’d corresponded with this man before. We followed each other’s blogs, and we had corporate career experiences that had much in common (good and bad). I didn’t know he had bought Dancing Priest, but he had. And one day, about three months after it

You Can Recover From a Broken Heart

Love you can't understand. Jesus steps up and dies for you. His broken heart sees what others don't. He walks the road to the cross, to hell and back again. For you—for me. The heartbreak, the pain between His shoulders, the bruises, and bleeding cuts from the beating don't stop Him. Neither does aggregate spit that surrounds clotted blood. A rush of faces blur past Him. The people hate Him and push against His aching body in defiance. His clothes lay on the ground while human vultures lust for ownership. Darkness overtakes the sky and wails of women pierce the silence. In heaven, God turns away from sin laid upon His beloved Son. The veil covering the temple entrance splits in half. He crie

Leave Guilt Behind and Repent

Christians know they need to repent because they carry the guilt of their actions. This is where people run into trouble. Sometimes it takes a while to actually ask God for forgiveness. Eventually, you realize you'll feel so much better by laying out everything before God. He wants you to confess sin because carrying it around stops up your spiritual reservoir.  Every time you're quick to admit sin, you fast track your relationship with God. What Does Repent Mean? A quick definition of repentance is you feel remorse about a wrongdoing and want to get it off your chest. In a perfect world, honesty should be easy. Isn't it human nature to drag your feet a while?  Your helper, The Holy Spirit,

Daily Devotional

The Least of These Surrendered at an early age to sexual abuse Soon followed by the damages that come with one's drug use Detached from friends and family a lost and lonely shell Of someone who by all accounts is destined straight to hell But deep within this person cries a child who longs to be Rescued from what they've known of life and from their debt set free To know for just a moment of love's touch that makes one whole That brings the slightest glimpse of hope the death won't take its tole This person who by all accounts has nothing left to give No reason that society should want for them to live In fact has more a reason to be honored by all men If they will gain the victory God offer

FREE Sample Chapter!

So some of you may know, or have seen from previous posts, that I recently released a book which takes you through the writings of the Early Church Fathers. Maybe you thought it seems like an interesting book, but you're not sold on it yet? Well I'm now giving away a FREE sample chapter so you can see what it's all about :) Get your free sample chapter here: Free Sample Download


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